things said in majority of movies:

  • "she’s not just some girl!"
  • "I should have told you this a long time ago."
  • "I’m not a little girl anymore!!"
  • "but I love him!!"

-“You’re giving up your dream!”
  “No dad, I’m giving up YOUR dream.”

"I knew your father. He was a good man."

*girl walks downstairs*

Guy: Wow… you look… great.

Alice Meme  Three Heartbreaking Scenes [1/3]

 ”It’s me, Alice. It’s your father.”
  • Me: I wanna do something
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety: No you dont
  • Me: But
  • Anxiety: No

If Max programmed Tiffany (even just a little) does that mean he programmed her love of Avery in her… Did Max like Avery before she came to the house??


ok the thing with being an older sibling with a really talented, hard working younger sibling is that you’re jealous as hell but also secretly glad because at least someone in your family will be successful